Price List

New to Pilates?

Auto-Pay Members

A monthly charge to your bank account or credit card offering you the lowest rate available per class.

Auto-Pay agreement includes:

  • 2 month minimum commitment
  • 30% discount on drop-in classes of same type
  • 2 freezes per calendar year

This is a perfect plan for someone with a consistent work/life schedule who wants regular and varied Pilates training at the best price.

Classes do not roll over to the next pay cycle and will need to be fully used before the automatic pay date so this is not the best option for busy, irregular work/life schedules.

Prices range from $20 to $22.25 per class.

Call us at 616.901.9347 for specific pricing.

Punch Cards

Varying sizes of class card packages allow students to chose the plan that works best for their budget and lifestyle!

Universal Group Classes give you access to any of the group classes that are offered at BodyMind Pilates – Reformer and Suspension Training.

Class Cards have a 6 month expiration date, which allows more flexibility to those who are on the move but still want to incorporate Pilates into their daily life!

Prices range from $23.30 to $33 per class.

Call us at 616.901.9347 for specific pricing.

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Massage, Reflexology and Reiki Pricing

Massage Therapy

Dawn Ash
15 minutes $27 $25
30 minutes $52 $50
60 minutes $83 $76
90 minutes $118 $111

Massage Packages

3 / 60 minute $240 $219
3 / 90 minute $345 $324
Essential Oils + $10 + $10

Full Hot Stone Massage

Dawn Only
60 minutes $98
90 minutes $133
3 / 60 minutes $285**
3 / 90 minutes $390**


30 minute $52
60 minute $83
3 / 60 minute $240

**expires in 4 months

Reiki Pricing

60 minutes $75
90 minutes $105