At BodyMind Pilates, you can Experience Pilates in a Variety of Ways

Private Sessions

One-on-One Sessions are by far the most effective way to practice Pilates/Suspension Training. The instructors will create a customized program based on your health, goals, and ability, and will re-evaluate your progress from time to time to make sure results are obtained. Trainers will use their best knowledge of not only Pilates, but other mind/body disciplines like Suspension Training, Rebounding and Neurology applied to movement to help restore natural movement and allow you to perform to the best of your potential!

In Private and Duet sessions you get to use all of the machines designed by Joseph Pilates, Needak rebounders, Suspension Training with Buoyancy Slings and Mat work. We will use the latest science on inner ear, optic nerve, and propioception, strengthening our clients from their toes to their eyes.

New clients are invited and encouraged to experience one-on-ones at an intro rate through the New Client Special.


Similar to the one-on-one, the instructor is still able to give focused corrections. It can also be a fun way to practice with a friend, and can be scheduled according to your needs.

Working out with a friend can be very inspiring and motivational, and at BodyMind Pilates we understand that connection by offering Duet Sessions. Just like Private Sessions, these classes provide access to all the equipment as well as personal training, support, and encouragement from one of our certified Pilates instructors. We are unable to match our clients with partners, but please feel free to connect with other clients or invite a friend to join you.

Group Class

We have a variety of group classes; each based on specific pieces equipment. These classes are kept small, so that all clients receive personal, effective instruction. You can learn more about each class by clicking on the name of the class in the group class schedule.

Suspension Training

BodyMind Pilates is one of the studios in Grand Rapids that offers a suspension system with bouyancy.

Based on the latest findings in brain science research, Suspension Training is a cutting edge movement system that strengthens, lengthens, and corrects muscle firing patterns.

By working with controlled instability, the body senses risk and automatically engages core muscles on a deeper level. Additionally, it enhances better joint functionality by allowing the joints to move freely and preventing them from jamming.

Instructors will also work your eyes, inner ear, and brain to improve coordination and response time, establish spinal stability, and enforce a strong core connection. This technique is useful in enhancing athletic performance, preventing injury, and improving everyday living.


We are excited to bring rebounding to our small group classes. In the previous newsletter, we discussed the health benefits of rebounding, such as:

  • Inner-ear strengthening/training
  • Increased bone density
  • Cardio & endurance training
  • Improved pelvic floor/bladder tone
  • …to name a few.

Mondays at 6pm.

Mat Work

The floor work is one of the most challenging modalities of the Pilates practice that taught by experienced instructors and in small classes, can give you great results like more core strength and stability, improved coordination, better balance and overall body tone.

Tuesdays at 6pm.


If you have been coming to our studio you probably know how important it is to recover and re-set the body after a week of intense workouts/life/work. Get your core more stable, get rid of unnecessary tension, release tight muscles, roll out our fascia and re-set your nervous system. We will use traditional stretching exercises, body rolling but most importantly, the latest in neuro science to achieve results that last.

Saturdays at 10am.