Hello my name is Ash and I am the new Licensed Massage Therapist at BodyMind Pilates. I wanted to introduce myself and make your acquaintance.

I grew up in England and moved to the USA 9 years ago. I studied at Everest Institute for my Massage Therapy License. Since then I have expanded my skills at chiropractic offices and Spas.

Massage therapy is a power of bodywork which not only relaxes the body; it can help with various physiological aspects of the body.

Experts estimate 90% of diseases are stress related, and age us faster both internally & externally. They also say that the benefits of touch can range from helping treat chronic diseases, neurological disorders, injuries and can alleviate daily tension & stress. Therefore, massage should be part of one’s health and wellness plan.

I mainly worked with clients with all types of conditions like headaches, depression & anxiety, soft tissue aches & pains, sports injuries, (exercise & stretching of weak/ tight / atrophied muscles / joint flexibility), Carpel tunnel, Tennis elbow, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, COPD, rotator cuff injuries, neck/ shoulder / back / hip & knee issues, among other conditions; so please come and meet me at BodyMind Pilates.